Trump promised to intervene in the process of the Texas lawsuit to review the voting results

The day before, the Supreme Court rejected an attempt by Republicans to review the vote results in Pennsylvania.

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump vowed to intervene in a long-running lawsuit from the state of Texas filed in the Supreme Court to disavow the results of the voting in four states where Trump lost to President-elect Joe Biden.

The President wrote on “Twitter”: “We will intervene in the case of Texas (as well as many other states). This is a big deal. Our country needs a victory!”

The lawsuit, which was announced Tuesday by Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, is aimed at Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Trump declared victory in the fight for re-election and puts forward unsubstantiated allegations of large-scale falsification of election results. He did not provide details about the nature of his promised intervention in the above-mentioned case and, in particular, did not explain whether it was interference from his campaign headquarters or the measures that the Ministry of Justice would take.

Officials in the four states under review called the trial a reckless attack on democracy.

The Texas lawsuit was filed directly in the Supreme Court, rather than in a lower court, as is usually the case in interstate litigation.

Recall that on Tuesday, the Supreme Court rejected an attempt by Republicans to invalidate about 2.5 million ballots sent during the election by mail in Pennsylvania, thereby challenging Biden’s victory in this state.

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