Trump promised reporters to pass a coronavirus test

At a press conference, reporters reminded the head of the White House that during the recent reception of the Brazilian delegation, he was next to a person infected with coronavirus.

On Friday, US President Donald Trump changed his position and said he would be tested for coronavirus. This came a few days after he was next to a Brazilian official who later reported that he tested positive for COVID-19.

Before that, Trump has repeatedly stated that he does not plan to take a test for coronavirus. He did not stay at home under quarantine and continued to shake hands, although the virus is transmitted by airborne droplets, for example, when communicating.

During a press conference on Friday, when the President declared a national emergency to fight the pandemic, a reporter of Reuters asked trump: why does the White house ask Americans to observe a quarantine when they return from Europe, and the US President himself does not follow this rule. After all, Donald Trump was next to a person whose medical testing showed a positive result for the coronavirus.

In turn, a CBS reporter noted that US health officials recommend self-isolation for people who were near someone who tested positive for the virus.

Later, at the same press conference in Rose Garden of the White House, flanked by Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of health and human services Alex Azar, President Trump said: “I didn’t say I wasn’t going to get tested. Most likely, Yes, most likely. I think I’ll do it anyway.”
The White House chief added that he would do the test “pretty soon.”

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