Trump promised record figures in the US economy closer to the election

US President Donald Trump named one of his main trumps in the upcoming November 3 presidential election – this is a record economic performance for the third quarter, which will be published closer to the day of voting.

“We are doing very well. We are very proud of what is happening in the economy. I think that before the election, you will see (data for) the third quarter. The third quarter will be at a level that our country has not yet seen. This will be a record for GDP and other (indicators),” Trump said at a press conference.

“Next year will be better than last year (2019). I’m sure it will be better. It will be better. Because we laid the foundation for this, which was not there,” the President added.
Trump’s optimism is partly due to the unemployment data released on Friday. The unemployment rate in the US fell to 8.4%, while in April it reached 15%. At the time of the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States, the unemployment rate was at a record low in recent years of 3.5%.

In turn, economic adviser to the US President Larry Kudlow, commenting on the data on unemployment and economic growth in the country, told reporters that the recovery of the US economy is faster than expected, and it represents a “V-shaped,” that is a very rapid recovery.

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