Trump: press conference on the occasion of Labor Day

The President expressed optimism about the economic processes in the country.

US President Donald Trump announced a press conference on Monday, September 7, dedicated to the holiday celebrated on this day – Labor Day.

“I will hold a press conference on the occasion of Labor Day. Today, at the White House, at one o’clock in the afternoon,” the President tweeted.

“The number of jobs and the resumption of economic (activity) looks excellent,” the President added.

Recall that Labor Day is a holiday dedicated to American workers and associated with the history of the labor movement in the United States.

The struggle for workers ‘ rights and, in particular, for the establishment of a holiday in honor of workers once began at the state level, which, one after another, began to pass laws honoring ordinary workers. On June 28, 1894, the United States Congress established a Federal holiday, choosing the first Monday in September for Labor Day.

Author: Steve Cowan
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