Trump prepares to split the US and Chinese economies

US President Donald Trump said that if he wins the next presidential election, he will be ready to consider the possibility of separating the economies of the United States and China.

According to him, while the United States does not receive anything from China, but, on the contrary, only loses money. Trump stressed that losses amount to hundreds of billions of dollars. The head of state also said that if China behaves inappropriately with the United States, he will not only think about separating the economies of the two countries but will definitely do so.

Earlier, Trump threatened to deprive American companies of government contracts if they continued cooperation with China. He also called for tax breaks to encourage businesses to relocate factories from the PRC to their home countries. The president has pledged to create ten million jobs in ten months, stating that it is necessary to “end dependence on China.”

The United States has been waging a trade war with China since 2017. At the beginning of 2020, the parties decided to make mutual concessions and entered into the “first phase” of the deal, then Beijing agreed to purchase more American goods. However, later, the American side accused China of concealing data on the spread of the coronavirus and refused to conclude the “second phase of the deal.”