Trump predicted riots in case of his impeachment

The US President Donald Trump said that he is not afraid of the threat of impeachment, because he did not commit anything illegal, he said in an interview with Reuters in the oval office of the White house. In addition, Trump believes that in the case of impeachment, “the people will rebel.”

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“It is difficult to impeach the one who did nothing illegal, the one who created the greatest economy in the history of our country,” Trump said. “It doesn’t bother me, no. I think that the people will rebel if it happens, ” he said.​

Earlier, CNN, which is one of the most aggressive against Trump American media, citing a source said that Trump fears impeachment.

In the case of private counsel of Trump, Michael Cohen, prosecutors can bring to Trump the charges of misuse of election funds: perhaps that he had paid money
to two women claiming intimate relationships with Trump.

This turn of the plot attracted the attention of left-wing American media, which for two years predict the impeachment of the President in connection with the accusation of collusion with Russia. However, special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, who was appointed to investigate these charges in May 2017, has not yet put forward any evidence of collusion.

As reported by the Washington Post, one of the most anti-trump Newspapers in the United States, Mueller identified 14 people from the near and far environment of Trump, who during the election campaign and the transition period had some contacts with Russian citizens: from calls and letters to meetings and negotiations.

At the same time, the publication noted that there is no evidence of any coordination between the election headquarters of Trump and Russia yet. The newspaper believes that Mueller purposely ” slowly discloses the evidence.”

Trump for all this time claimed that a conspiracy charge invented, and the media disseminating information about this, he was regularly called fake. The Kremlin also rejected any suspicion that helped Trump to take the presidency.

​Experts close to the Republicans believe that the left started a hype with the investigation to divert attention from the real facts — the collusion of the top of the Democratic party, which promoted to the post of President Hillary Clinton, and intelligence services, in particular the FBI. Fearing accusations of obstruction of justice, Trump can not completely take control of the

Ministry of justice and to start a real investigation into how the Democrats, the headquarters of the Clinton and the FBI falsified the dirt on him and received the court permission for the surveillance of members of his staff.

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