Trump noted women’s contribution to global prosperity and security

In his address on International Women’s Day, the President recalled the administration’s initiatives to empower women.

US President Donald Trump issued an address on International Women’s Day, in which he noted the important contribution of women in the US and other countries to global prosperity, security, governance, and innovation.

“As we celebrate these significant achievements on International Women’s Day, we also emphasize the important role that our country plays in ensuring that all women have equal opportunities so that they can fully realize their potential and inspire the next generation of leaders,” Trump said in an address distributed on Sunday.

Trump recalled that last year, his administration launched the Global Women’s Development and Prosperity Initiative, which launched a nationwide effort to empower women economically.
“Aimed at reaching 50 million women in developing countries by 2025, this initiative recognizes that societies that empower women so that they can fully participate in civil and economic life are more prosperous and peaceful,” the US President said.

He noted that the initiative has made great strides in achieving its goals, reaching out to 12 million women in developing countries.

“My administration also recognizes the importance of women’s participation in strengthening peace and security both inside and outside the country,” Trump said. – In October 2017, I signed the Law on women, peace, and security – the first separate, comprehensive law of this kind in the world. And last year, I unveiled the US Strategy on women, peace, and security, the first statewide plan to ensure that Federal ministries and agencies actively and decisively promote the significant involvement of women in economic, political, and social life as a tool for minimizing conflict and establishing peace.”

The President noted that this strategy is based on the understanding that women play a crucial role in the peaceful settlement of conflicts.

“In the US, women play a central role in the ongoing economic recovery. Since January 2017, unemployment among women has reached the lowest level in 65 years – according to the President’s address. – For the first time in our country’s history, women make up the majority of the American workforce, strengthening our vibrant economy and contributing to the prosperity of our country’s booming communities. Women accounted for 71 percent of the net increase in employment in 2019.”

“Never before has the United States been so committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all women, and the results speak for themselves. On International Women’s Day, we celebrate innumerable areas in which women support our communities, strengthen our country, and every day reinforce the hope of realizing the “American dream,” President Trump said.

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