Trump named an unexpected “reason” for the end of World War II

US President Donald Trump has called the Spanish flu pandemic “the cause” of the end of World War II.
“The most similar thing happened in 1917, the great pandemic. It was definitely a monstrous thing that killed 50 to 100 million people.

She may have ended World War II. All the soldiers were sick. It was a terrible situation, “Trump said, comparing the Spanish flu epidemic to the coronavirus.

In his speech, the American leader confused the war itself, and the year the disease began to appear.

The Spanish flu pandemic lasted from January 1918 to 1920. It began in the last months of the First World War, and in a short time bypassed the fighting in terms of the number of casualties. At the same time, the war itself significantly aggravated its consequences due to unsanitary conditions, poor nutrition, overcrowding of military camps and refugee camps.