Trump met with one of the candidates for the post of Supreme Court justice

According to the US President, he is considering the candidacy of five women.

Free News, citing a source familiar with the situation, reported that President Trump met at the White House with Amy Coney Barrett, one of the possible candidates for the post of judge of the US Supreme Court.

Trump, before flying to Ohio, said that by the end of the week, he would announce the candidacy of a Supreme Court judge.

“These are five women who are very closely examined and tested. We will choose on Friday or Saturday,” the US President said.

He also added that he plans to meet with several other applicants, but is not sure that with all five.

“I spoke with some people on the phone today, yesterday and the day before yesterday,” said Donald Trump.

The US President also said that while visiting Florida, he may meet with another candidate – Barbara Lagoa.

“She is well-spoken about and has a lot of support. I get a lot of calls from people. She has a lot of support. I don’t know her personally, but I have heard that she is very extraordinary,” Trump said.
According to the American leader, he would like the Senate to vote for the candidate before the presidential election.

“I would prefer to vote before the election because there is a lot of work to do. We have time for that. I mean, there’s a lot of time. Let’s say I announce on Saturday – there’s still a lot of time before the election. This will be Mitch McConnell’s case in the Senate. I think this is a good signal. And this is solidarity and much more. And I’m just fulfilling my constitutional obligations. I have to do this. So I’d rather see it before the election,” President Trump said.