Trump may issue an Executive order banning evictions

The President said that he may also suspend the collection of the payroll tax.

President Donald Trump has said that he is considering issuing an Executive order to stop evictions and suspend payroll tax collection.

In the negotiations on the aid package in connection with the coronavirus that goes on Capitol Hill, has not yet seen significant progress.

“I can do it if I want to, and I want to do it. I don’t want people to be evicted,” Trump told reporters at a news conference when asked to comment on a suggestion he made earlier in the day that he could take action unilaterally to suspend evictions.

Trump noted that those who are evicted from housing often go to shelters, where the coronavirus can easily spread due to the congestion of people.

“They are aggressively kicked out. It’s not their fault. It’s not their fault. This is China’s fault,” Trump said, continuing to blame China, where the virus originated, for causing the pain that Americans are experiencing.

Trump also said that he could unilaterally suspend payroll tax collection.

“I can do it with an Executive order, so we will discuss it,” Trump said.