Trump: Lieutenant Colonel Vindman may be disciplined

The President said that his superiors at the Pentagon should make the final decision on possible punishment of Vindman.

President Donald Trump suggested that the Pentagon’s leadership might consider applying disciplinary action against Alexander Vindman, a former employee of the US National Security Council who testified at an impeachment hearing in the House of Representatives. The President said this when speaking to reporters after the signing ceremony of a law aimed at supporting educational programs in the field of exact sciences for veterans of the US Armed forces.

Vindman, who negatively characterized Donald Trump’s actions in his testimony at the impeachment trial, was fired from the White House last week.

“We sent Vindman back to a completely different place, and the military can now act on Him as they see fit,” Trump said.

When asked whether the President is proposing to punish Vindman, Trump said that the decision on disciplinary action should be taken at the Pentagon.

“If you look at what happened… They will certainly consider this possibility, I think,” the President said.

“I was certainly not happy with the work he did. First, he provided false information about the phone conversation [with Zelensky]… The content of the conversation was completely acceptable,” Trump said.

The President, without going into details, added that new resignations are expected in the White house soon.

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