Trump issued an ultimatum to the WHO

The US President sent a letter of ultimatum to the WHO Director-General. Donald Trump gave Tedros Ghebreyesus 30 days to guarantee the implementation of the reforms required by the US. Otherwise, the country will finally stop funding the World Health Organization and withdraw from it.

The letter, published on Twitter by the American President, says that the WHO has failed to cope with the coronavirus. Trump also criticizes the organization for its dependence on China.

The US President claims that the WHO ignored credible reports of the virus spreading in Wuhan in early December 2019 or even earlier, including publications in the Lancet medical journal. The organization was unable to independently investigate reports that contradicted the official position of the PRC, although they came directly from Wuhan.

No later than December 30, 2019, the WHO office in Beijing was made aware of a severe public health threat emanating from Wuhan. In the period from 26 to December 30, Chinese media already published confirmation of the presence of a new virus, and local doctors gave the authorities data on the outbreak of a new disease, which by that time was already observed in 180 people.

The Taiwanese authorities handed over data confirming human-to-human transmission to WHO the next day, but the organization did not distribute this information to its members. At the same time, international health regulations require States to report potentially dangerous diseases within 24 hours. The Chinese authorities did not do this until December 31, although they had information long before that date.

Trump claims that as early as January 5, a Chinese medic gave the authorities data on the genome of the coronavirus. Still, they were not published until he posted the information on the Internet.

The US President also claims that the who’s statements on coronavirus were insufficient or misinforming. So, on January 14, the organization stated that the transmission of the virus from person to person is not proven. On January 21, Chinese President XI Jinping allegedly pressured the WHO Director-General not to declare a danger in connection with the coronavirus. Later, the organization failed to get the Chinese authorities to admit to international experts. Trump also blames the who for opposing restrictions on the entry of Chinese citizens, which were imposed by the United States. Donald Trump notes that in 2003, during the SARS epidemic in China, who officially recommended limiting communication with affected regions of the country.

Trump believes that the only way to win in this case is to demonstrate the organization’s independence from China.