Trump is confident that his supporters are firmly among the main political forces of the United States

They will be among them even in the long term, the US President noted.

US President Donald Trump is convinced that his supporters have firmly entered the category of the main political forces in the country and will be among them even in the long term. The current American leader, who represents the Republican Party, made a record of the relevant content on Friday on his Twitter.

“The 75 million wonderful American patriots who voted for me, America first, and to make America great again will have a giant voice in the long run. There will be no disrespect or unfair treatment of them!!!” – says Trump.

His term of office expires on January 20. Now in the United States, there are also calls for the impeachment of Trump. The reason for them was that on Wednesday, supporters of the current head of the US administration broke into the US Congress, trying to prevent the approval of the results of the November 3 presidential election, which was won by Democrat Joseph Biden. Democrats in Congress accused Trump of sedition and demanded his removal from power. In a similar vein, some representatives of the Republican Party of the United States expressed themselves.

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