Trump is confident that he saved millions of Americans from the coronavirus

US President Donald Trump again refused to take responsibility for the high death rate from coronavirus in the US. He is sure that if not for the actions of his administration, “millions would have died.”

“I think if we didn’t do what we did, millions of people would have died. We closed the country, we did it very effectively, we did the work, we learned about this terrible disease together with the whole world,” Trump told reporters on Wednesday.

“I think we did an incredible job from any position. We shouldn’t have lost anyone at all, but China released something that they are not allowed to release. It came out of China, got to Europe and around the world. This should not have happened,” the US President said.

Well-known journalist of the American newspaper Washington Post Bob Woodward, in his new book “Rage,” writes that US President Donald Trump admitted that he knew that the coronavirus is dangerous, while publicly repeatedly downplayed its severity. Commenting on the publication of excerpts from Woodward’s book, Trump said that he did not want to create panic in the country.

According to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University, 6.334 million Americans fell ill with the coronavirus, 189.9 thousand of them died.