Trump: inviting Russia to the “Big seven” would be in line with common sense

The President noted that many issues would be more natural to solve if Putin was present at the summit.

US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that inviting Russian President Vladimir Putin to the G-7 talks “would be in line with common sense” because many issues would be more natural to resolve if Putin were present at the summit.

“A lot of what we’re talking about is related to Putin,” Trump said in an interview with Fox News Radio. “Let him participate in the conversation… to get the job done.”

Over the weekend, Trump allowed the possibility of inviting Russia again to the “Big seven,” from which it was excluded after the annexation of Crimea.

On Monday, Trump and Putin spoke by phone, discussing the possibility of holding the G7 summit in an expanded format. The Kremlin said it wanted to get more information about the invitation from Trump.

The President also invited Australia, South Korea, and India.

Other members of the G-7, including Canada, are opposed to the return of Russia. Some countries, such as Japan, have not yet expressed their views. Germany, on Friday, said that now is not the right time to change the format of the meeting.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Trump decided to hold a summit in September or later. The UK, France, Germany, Italy, and the European Union are also due to take part in the mountain.

Author: John Kessler
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