Trump intends to seek Carnayev’s death penalty

US President Donald Trump has said that Federal authorities will seek the death penalty for terrorist Dzovhar Carnayev.

Carnayev was convicted of planning and carrying out the 2013 Boston marathon bombing with his brother Tamerlan when three people were killed and more than 280 were injured. On Friday, an appeals court overturned Carnayev’s sentence.

“Rarely has anyone deserved the death penalty more than Boston bomber Dzovhar Carnayev. The court agreed that it “was one of the worst terrorist acts in the country since the September 11 atrocities.” However, the appeals court overturned the death sentence,” Trump wrote on Twitter.
“The Federal government should seek the death penalty again during the review of this part of the original trial. Our country cannot leave such an appeal decision in force. In addition, it is ridiculous that this process takes so much time!”, the President added.
The appeals court agreed with the defense’s arguments that holding Carnayev’s trial in Boston itself prevented the selection of an unbiased jury in the case. In addition, the court found erroneous actions of the judge who sentenced Carnayev on three minor counts related to illegal carrying of weapons during the commission of the crime. On these counts, Carnayev will be acquitted.
After the decision of the court of Appeal, the case was transferred to the lower district court for a new trial at the sentencing stage.
The decision of the court of appeals can be appealed to an expanded panel of the court of appeals and eventually reach the US Supreme court.

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