Trump intends to launch a digital media outlet that will compete with Fox News

According to his advisers, the TV Company made a mistake, predicting Biden’s victory in Arizona before everyone else on election night, which caused Trump’s displeasure, according to the Axios portal.

The current President of the United States, Donald Trump, is considering creating a digital media company that would compete with Fox News. This was reported on Thursday by the Axios portal.

“He plans to crush the Fox. There is no doubt about it,” said one of the Axios sources.

As the portal notes, according to some Republican advisers, the TV Company made a mistake, predicting the victory of Democrat Joseph Biden in Arizona before anyone else on election night. These actions of Fox News caused dissatisfaction with Trump.

As the portal explains, creating a cable TV channel would be a time-consuming and expensive process, against which Trump is considering launching a digital channel that would broadcast online.

Among the leading American media, it is the conservative Fox News that sympathizes with Trump. The President himself regularly watches this particular TV channel, maintains friendly relations with some of its presenters, and often gives interviews to its journalists. However, recently, trump often speaks negatively about the TV Company, saying that it has “changed a lot.”

Author: Steve Cowan
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