Trump intends to block the publication of Bolton’s book

US President Donald Trump announced his intention to prevent the publication of the book of his former national security adviser John Bolton, whom he considers a “traitor,” the Washington Post reported, citing sources.

According to the publication, trump told employees of his administration that he would try to block the publication of Bolton’s book, to which he gave classified information.

The newspaper also notes that the American leader expressed a similar intention during an informal dinner with TV hosts held in early February. “We are going to try to block the publication of the book,” Trump said during an event in the West Wing of the White House.

“I give him a job, and then he turns against me,” Trump allegedly said at the time, noting that Bolton “just makes everything up.”

Earlier, Bolton sent a draft of his book to the White House for a traditional check on whether it contained classified information. Ellen Knight, Director of information security at the White House, wrote a letter to Bolton’s lawyers, noting that the ex-adviser’s unpublished book contains “a significant amount of classified information.” Bolton’s lawyer disputes this.

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