Trump: I have nothing to do with the possible prosecution of Hunter Biden

Earlier, the president-elect son said that the federal prosecutor’s office is investigating his tax affairs.

President Donald Trump said Thursday that he has nothing to do with the investigation into President-elect Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, who said federal prosecutors in Delaware are looking into his tax affairs.

In December 2019, the House of Representatives submitted Trump to impeachment, accusing him of putting pressure on Ukraine to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden. In February, the Senate acquitted Trump.

“I have nothing to do with the possible prosecution of Hunter Biden or the Biden family. This is just another fake news story. In fact, I am unfortunate to see this,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

The day before, Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen refused to answer whether he was going to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hunter Biden.

Earlier, a source familiar with the situation said that Trump is considering ordering the Justice Department to conduct such an investigation.

If a special prosecutor is appointed, it will be more difficult for the new attorney general from the Biden administration to close this issue.

As a source close to the case told Reuters, Hunter Biden’s tax affairs investigation has been underway for at least two years. Still, Attorney General William Barr managed to prevent the leak of information about it in the election run-up. On Monday, Trump announced Barr’s resignation.

Hunter Biden’s lawyer could not be reached for comment.

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