Trump held a meeting with Republicans on Capitol Hill

Lawmakers and the administration continue to discuss the next steps in the fight against coronavirus.

US President Donald Trump held a meeting with Republicans on Capitol Hill on Tuesday.

At the end of the meeting, the President expressed satisfaction with the results.

According to him, progress has been made on many issues.

Earlier on Tuesday, Vice President Mike Pence met with Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, House Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

As the country enters a new phase of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, Democrats and Republicans in Congress are arguing over what measures should be included in the new anti-crisis package.

According to McCarthy, GOP leaders are committed to “finding ways to work together to move forward and do what needs to be done.” He added that we should start with protection from lawsuits for doctors and companies. “No bill will be passed without this,” he said on CNBC on Tuesday.

Republicans have already rejected the $ 3 trillion package that the democratic-controlled House of Representatives passed on Friday. The initiative provides nearly $ 1 trillion to States and municipalities, as well as the second round of direct payments to the population of $ 1,200 per person and up to $ 6,000 per family.