Trump held a meeting with Attorney General amid protests in the country

Dozens of US cities have imposed curfews in connection with the riots.

US President Donald Trump, on Monday, held a private meeting with Attorney General William Barr after a wave of violent protests swept the country over the weekend.

The demonstrations that broke out after the death of African-American George Floyd began peacefully, but in many cities, they resulted in clashes, fires, and looting.

At least 15 States and Washington have enlisted the National Guard to quell the unrest. A curfew has been imposed in dozens of cities across the country.

Trump has not yet made public statements about the crisis, but commented on the events in a series of tweets, calling the demonstrators “bandits” and calling on mayors and governors to “act tough.” He also threatened to use the armed forces, but as the national security adviser said on Sunday, the administration has not yet taken the National Guard under Federal control.

After the meeting with Barr, the President planned a conference call with governors and representatives of law enforcement agencies and agencies that ensure national security.

Author: John Kessler
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