Trump has threatened that he may not sign the bill on the aid package in connection with COVID-19

The President expressed dissatisfaction because this document provides for “meager” direct payments to Americans.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump threatened not to sign a bill for an $ 892 billion coronavirus aid package that includes direct payments to all Americans. Trump said that the document should be amended by increasing the amount of individual financial assistance.

The threat of an outgoing Republican President with less than a month to work undermines bipartisan congressional efforts to help people affected by the pandemic.

“The bill that they are now going to put on my Desk is very different from what was expected,” Trump said in a video posted on Twitter. “It’s really a shame.”

Trump has said he wants Congress to increase the amount of incentive individual payments to $ 2,000, or up to $ 4,000 for married couples, instead of the “ridiculously low” $ 600 for individuals currently proposed in the bill.

Trump also expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that Congress, in particular, allocates much more funds for various assistance to foreign countries than to American taxpayers.

“I also ask Congress to immediately get rid of wasteful and unnecessary items in this bill and send me the appropriate document. Otherwise, the next administration will be engaged in providing a package of assistance from COVID. And maybe this administration will be mine,” Trump said.

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