Trump has threatened Iraq with sanctions in the event of the expulsion of American troops

The US President said that the withdrawal of troops is possible only after receiving compensation for the military base built in Iraq.

US President Donald Trump has said that the US will not leave Iraq if it does not receive compensation for the American airbase built there.

In this way, Trump responded to a resolution adopted on Sunday by the Iraqi Parliament calling on the government to expel 5,200 American troops.

In a conversation with reporters on board the presidential plane, Trump said that the US has an “extremely expensive” airbase in Iraq, which has cost billions of dollars.

“We will not leave until we are paid for it,” he said, threatening sanctions “such as they have never seen” if the US cannot leave Iraq “on a very friendly basis.”

12 military facilities in Iraq are used by the United States. Trump did not specify which base is in question.

Iraq has demanded the withdrawal of US troops from the country in protest at US drone attack at Baghdad airport that killed a senior Iranian General, Qasem Suleimani.

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo has expressed doubt that US troops will be expelled from Iraq.

“We are confident that the Iraqi people will want the US to stay,” he said, speaking on Fox News.

State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus said the US was “disappointed” by Iraq’s decision and was waiting for clarification on the legality of the move. She said the US was urging Iraq to change its position.

“We believe that the continuation of the joint fight against the Islamic State is in the common interests of the United States and Iraq. The administration remains firmly committed to a sovereign, stable and prosperous Iraq, ” she said.

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