Trump has replaced the Minister of internal security of the United States

The head of the border service of the United States Kevin McAleenan will be replaced Kirstjen Nielsen on a post of the Minister of internal security of the country.

The US President Donald Trump made a new permutation in the administration of the country, appointing the former head of the border service and the Department of customs Kevin McAleenan the new Minister of internal security of the United States. He will replace Kirstjen Nielsen on this post, Trump said on Sunday, April 7, on his Twitter page.

“I am pleased to announce that Kevin McAleenan, the current Commissioner for customs and border protection, will be the Executive Secretary at the Department of homeland security. I’m sure Kevin will do a great job!”— Trump wrote.

At the same time, Trump thanked Nielsen for her work as Minister of internal security.

Resignation of members of the Trump government

The Department of homeland security plays a key role in migration policy in the United States. According to AFP, recently the President has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the activities of Kirstjen Nielsen in this area.

This is not the first change of Ministers in the Trump government. In recent years, the Ministers of foreign Affairs, defense and justice have lost their posts. In addition, a number of reshuffles were carried out in key positions in the White House.

Author: Flyn Braun
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