Trump has offered assistance to Lebanon after the bombings in Beirut

Several explosions occurred in the port of Beirut on Tuesday. At least 73 people were killed.

President Donald Trump said that he sent his condolences to the government of Lebanon over the death of dozens of people and thousands of injured in a powerful explosion in Beirut. The President said that he offered Lebanon all possible assistance from the United States.

“The United States is ready to help Lebanon,” the President said, speaking at a White House briefing. It looks like a terrible attack,” Trump was quoted as saying by Reuters.

On Tuesday, two powerful explosions occurred in the port of Beirut, which killed at least 73 people and injured thousands of people.

The official cause of the explosion is still unknown, but according to AFP, the head of the security service of Lebanon, Abbas Ibrahim, said that confiscated explosive materials were stored in the city’s port.

In addition, at the briefing, answering questions from journalists, the US President said that he is considering various options to help Americans who are out of work, and these options can be adopted without the participation of Congress. This includes suspending the collection of income tax.

Referring to the possible sale of the Chinese video application TikTok to Microsoft, or another American company, the President noted that part of the proceeds from this transaction should go to the US Treasury Department.