Trump has come to terms with his defeat in the presidential election

He admits this in private conversations but does not do it publicly.

US President Donald Trump privately admits his defeat in the November 3 election but does not do so publicly, thereby attracting more attention. This was reported on Tuesday by the newspaper Politico, citing its sources.

According to them, the American leader also understands that on Wednesday, the Senate and the House of Representatives of the US Congress will approve President-elect Joseph Biden’s victory at a joint meeting. According to the publication source, the head of the White House even admitted that he was “just disappointed” with the defeat in the presidential election. The head of state, the newspaper notes, has come to terms with his defeat in recent weeks. Although Trump admits his defeat in private conversations, sources say, Politico, he still claims that he would have won a fair election. The American leader also discussed with aides plans to leave Washington and go to his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

Trump continues to claim fraud in the election only to attract more attention to himself, the publication explains. “The point [of these actions] is to be of interest and to be discussed in the news,” the source explained to the newspaper.

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