Trump harshly criticized Biden

President of the United States Donald Trump criticized the rival in the presidential election, Democrat Joe Biden, for negative attacks in his address.

According to the American leader, criticism of his actions during the coronavirus pandemic by his opponent is not appropriate, because Biden himself, as Vice President under Obama, coped with the swine flu pandemic “much worse.”

“Look at Sleepy Joe, how did they handle the swine flu? It was a failure, a nightmare. They didn’t know what to do, although it was easier with swine flu. Biden doesn’t understand anything. All he can do is criticizing,” Trump told reporters before flying to Minnesota.

Biden has previously repeatedly criticized the President’s actions during the pandemic, accusing him of failing to cope with the situation. A Democrat relied on Trump’s high level of the number of infections and deaths from the coronavirus in the United States.

The H1N1 swine flu pandemic lasted from January 2009 to August 2010 and affected more than 200 countries and territories. WHO estimates that 18,449 people have died from the disease worldwide.