Trump handed a special Cup to the winner of the sumo tournament in Tokyo

Trophy height 137 cm weighs about 30 kg.

The President of the United States Donald Trump presented Sunday special presidential Cup, made by order of the American government, the Japanese sumo Asanoyame, which won the May Basho (sumo tournament).

“I handed the Cup of the President of the United States to the winner of the may sumo tournament Asanoyame May 26, 1-year of the era of Rave (commenced May 1),” said Trump, who for the award rose to Doha (arena for fights) Awarded the President’s trophy with a height of 137 cm weighs about 30 kg. The top is decorated with a bald eagle – the symbol of the United States.

This is the first tournament won for a young Japanese. “I am very happy that I managed to win the first tournament in the new era of Rave,” Asanoyame said after the victory. For his victory, he also received the Imperial Cup and the Cup of the Prime Minister of Japan – the heaviest of all weighing 40 kg.
Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe together with their wives Melania and Akie came to sumo closer to the final fights of the strongest fighters of the top division “makuuti.”

Especially for the two leaders and their wives had reserved places near the arena for the fights. They usually involve placing on the floor on traditional Japanese Seating cushions, however, Abe, Trump, and their spouses sat on chairs. Also in the hall where enhanced security measures and the audience carefully inspected before entering. The Sunday program of the American President’s stay in Tokyo will continue with dinner in a Japanese restaurant, where food is cooked on the grill in the presence of guests.

The main part of the American President’s visit to Japan will begin on May 27. It includes a meeting with Abe, as well as an audience with the new Emperor Naruhito, who came to the throne on May 1. On the final day of the visit, Trump will Board the Kaga helicopter carrier of the Japanese self-defense Forces, which is located at the Yokosuka base in the Tokyo Bay.

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