Trump expressed optimism about the experimental drug from Gilead

According to Anthony Fauci, studies show the effectiveness of an antiviral drug to treat COVID-19.

US President Donald Trump, on Wednesday, welcomed reports that the experimental antiviral drug redeliver, developed by Gilead Sciences, may be useful for treating coronavirus.

Anthony Fauci, the country’s chief epidemiologist, said that according to available data, the drug helps hospitalized patients with COVID-19, although he stressed that further analysis is needed.

Some results of research on the drug will likely be announced on Wednesday during a briefing of the working group on the fight against coronavirus, according to the National Institute for the study of allergic and infectious diseases.

Gilead on Wednesday reported that, according to the results of a clinical trial, redeliver helped improve the treatment results of some patients with COVID-19. The company also provided data showing that the drug is more effective if you start taking it at an early stage of the disease.

The former head of the Food and drug administration, Scott Gottlieb, wrote on Twitter that there is already enough data to approve the use of the drug in emergency cases.

According to Fauci, the results of the study indicate that the drug helps speed up the recovery time of patients with coronavirus. According to the epidemiologist, although the data should be sent for expert evaluation, this still gives hope for the possibility of treatment.

Trump called this news a good start on which to work further.

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow, when asked by Fox Business Network whether Gilead’s announcement is good news for the economy, said: “This should be extremely positive news.”
“These things inspire confidence and will help open up the economy and get people back to work,” he said, commenting on the research results.

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