Trump explained the unrest in the US left-wing “indoctrination” in schools and universities

US President Donald Trump claims that the current unrest in the country is the result of the “indoctrination” of American schoolchildren and students by teachers who adhere to left-wing political views.

“What we are witnessing now is a consequence of left-wing indoctrination in schools and universities in our countries. Many young Americans are told the lie that America is an immoral country, engulfed by racism,” the leader said.

“There is only one way to unity — to restore a common national identity, which will be built around common American values, which we have a lot of. We are talking about the restoration of Patriotic education in the schools of our country,” said Trump.

“We must teach our children that America is an exceptional, free and just country that is worth defending, preserving, and protecting,” the President added.

According to Trump, his rival in the upcoming elections, Democrat Joseph Biden, intends to “capitulate to the crowd” of supporters of left-wing political views and “give them control over all the levers of power in the United States.” “But when you capitulate to the crowd, you get not freedom, but fascism, it happens everywhere,” the White House host is convinced.

“Biden is using a mafia strategy — the crowd will leave you alone if you give it what it wants <…> But it doesn’t work that way. Because if you give them something once, they will start demanding more and more,” Trump believes.

In his opinion, the Democrats first planned to use the protests to their advantage, but then “lost control of the radical left.”

“They want to appoint radical prosecutors, radical judges, and radical Federal officials who will let criminals go free,” Trump claims. “They want to allow people who are in prison to vote, such as the Boston terrorist (Dzovhar Carnayev, who was convicted of participating in the organization of the terrorist attack on the Boston marathon in 2013),” Trump added.