Trump denounced the violence in the Capitol, declaring a desire for “healing and reconciliation”

The president posted a video message on social media saying he was working on a “smooth and orderly transfer of power” to the new administration.

Acting President Donald Trump posted a video message to the nation on social media, condemning his supporters’ actions who “desecrated the center of American democracy” by rioting in the Capitol building.

The Twitter administration unblocked the president’s account after he deleted several tweets yesterday that contained unsubstantiated allegations of “vote theft” during the presidential election.

In a video message posted on Trump’s Twitter and YouTube pages, the president said that at the moment, he is focused on a “smooth and orderly process of transferring power” to the new administration.

“Now Congress has confirmed the results [of the vote]. The new administration will be inaugurated on January 20. I am now focused on ensuring a smooth and orderly transfer of power. At this moment, we need healing and reconciliation,” the president said, addressing the Americans.

Trump said he was outraged by the “monstrous attack” on the Capitol, saying the demonstrators who broke into the Congressional building Wednesday afternoon “desecrated the center of American democracy.”

According to the president, people who violated the law and committed violent acts “do not represent our country and will bear responsibility for it.” Trump added that the four years he spent as president were the biggest part of his life.

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