Trump denied media reports that he suffered several micro-strokes

US President Donald Trump called fake media to report that in 2019 he suffered several micro-strokes.

On Tuesday, CNN, citing an excerpt from a New York Times correspondent’s book, reported that when President Trump visited the Walter Reed medical center in November 2019, Vice President Mike Pence was instructed to temporarily take the place of the head of state if necessary, if Trump needed complex medical procedures. No evidence of this, except “I became aware,” the journalist in his book does not give, writes CNN. The White House then reported that Trump visited the hospital for a routine check-up.

“This will never end! Now they’re trying to say that your favorite President, I, visited Walter Reed medical center because of several micro-strokes. Never happened to this candidate – fake news! Perhaps they are referring to a candidate from another party!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

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