Trump deletes abusive Twitter posts

The current US President Donald Trump has deleted Twitter posts that violate the social network rules because his account was frozen, Bloomberg journalist Kurt Wagner said, citing a company spokesperson.

“A company spokesman confirmed that Trump did delete the tweets in violation … It is not known exactly what time Trump deleted the tweets, but he will probably return (access to – Ed.) To his account tomorrow morning,” Wagner wrote on Twitter.

The social network Twitter froze US President Donald Trump’s account for 12 hours and threatened with permanent blocking if Trump did not delete three tweets, which, according to Twitter, violate his rules. Earlier, amid the unrest, Trump turned to the Capitol protesters and said in these records that the elections were “stolen” from him. He also called on his supporters to go home.

On Wednesday, supporters of the current US President Donald Trump, who gathered in Washington to demonstrate in support of him, stormed the Congress building, interrupting the meeting, which was supposed to approve the last elections’ results. Law enforcers used tear gas and stun grenades. Four people were killed in the protests, according to Washington police.

Democrat Joe Biden is considered the elected president based on the last vote results, but Trump does not admit defeat.

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