Trump: decree on police reform

The initiative is designed to encourage the improvement of law enforcement agencies through grants.

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday signs an Executive order on police reform, which provides for improving police certification and training programs and expanding resources in the field of mental health, according to the administration.

According to the New York Times, citing senior administration officials, the decree is intended to encourage change by providing grants to police departments willing to improve their work.

Departments are asked to adhere to updated standards on the use of force, step up information sharing so that police do not get employees who are seen in violations, and involve social workers to resolve situations involving non-violent crimes.

As previously reported, the signing ceremony of the decree will be attended by law enforcement officers and families of people killed by police.
Congress is also developing legislative initiatives aimed at reforming the police.

“We can add something to the work that is being done in the House of Representatives and the Senate,” Trump said.