Trump criticized the Senate for the decision on the defense budget for 2021

The current President of the United States, Donald Trump, criticized the Senate for overcoming his veto on the defense budget for the 2021 fiscal year.

“Our Republican Senate just missed an opportunity to get rid of Article 230, which gives unlimited power to large technology companies. Shame on you!!! Now they want to give people devastated by COVID-19 $ 600 instead of the two thousand they so desperately need. Unfair or unwise!” he wrote on Twitter.

Last week, Trump blocked the budget approved by both houses of Congress, but congressmen were able to overcome his veto-the document supported by more than two-thirds of the upper house members. In total, during his presidency, Trump vetoed bills nine times, but this case was the first time that parliamentarians overcame his ban.

Trump refused to sign the defense budget, calling it a “gift to Russia and China.” The current president’s outrage mostly comes down to budget items about renaming military bases named after the slave-owning South’s warlords during the American Civil War. In addition, he demanded an increase in compensation due to the coronavirus and opposed article 230 of the law on decency in messages, which, in his opinion, helps social networks to evade responsibility for user publications and conduct an editorial policy in relation to them.

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