Trump criticized the moderator of the second debate

Donald Trump called the moderator of the second debate of US presidential candidates, NBC News host Kristen Welker, “terrible and unfair.”

“She’s always been terrible and unfair, like most fake news reporters, but I’m still going to play this game. People know! How’s Steve Scully doing?” Trump wrote on his Twitter account.

Scully was scheduled to moderate the debate between Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden on Thursday. Still, the debate did not occur due to disagreements about the format amid Trump’s recently postponed coronavirus. C-SPAN later reported that it suspended Scully indefinitely for lying about hacking his Twitter account.

The debate will be held on October 22 in Nashville, Tennessee. Like the first debate, it will last an hour and a half without a break for advertising. Each topic will be given 15 minutes. Opponents will have two minutes to respond to the moderator, and the remaining time on the topic is reserved for replying or answering additional questions. The moderator makes sure that the time is distributed evenly.

This debate was supposed to be the third, but due to Trump’s refusal after he suffered a coronavirus to hold the fight in a virtual format, the second round was canceled. Instead, Trump and Biden held meetings with voters on different TV channels.