Trump criticized Bush for his silence during the impeachment case

Earlier, the former President called on Democrats and Republicans to unite in the face of the “common threat” of coronavirus.

US President Donald Trump criticized former President George W. Bush after he called on representatives of both parties to join forces in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic.

“Let’s keep in mind how small our differences are in the face of this common threat,” Bush said in a three – minute video posted on Twitter on Saturday. – In the end, we are not participants in the party fighting. We are people who are equally vulnerable and equally beautiful in the eyes of God. We rise or fall together, and we will certainly rise.”

In a tweet published on Sunday, Trump denounced Bush for not supporting him during the impeachment proceedings that took place earlier this year.

“No one has ever heard him speak out against the greatest fiction in American history!” he wrote.

Trump’s tweet was a reaction to a comment by Fox News anchor Pete Hegseth, who questioned why Bush did not offer to put partisan bias aside during impeachment proceedings.

The House of Representatives impeached trump last December, accusing him of demanding that Ukraine launch an investigation into the activities of its democratic political rivals. In February this year, the Senate decided to acquit the President.

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