Trump criticized Biden’s nominated vice president

US President Donald Trump said he was surprised by the choice of Senator Kamala Harris as the Democratic vice presidential nominee, recalling that she performed poorly during the party primaries.

The most likely Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Tuesday announced the name of his running mate and vice-presidential candidate. As expected by many, the politician chose Senator Kamala Harris from California, who represents America’s colored population.

“She performed very poorly in the primaries (Democrats), although she was expected to perform well. She had about two percent, spent a lot of money. I was surprised that they (Biden and his headquarters – ed.) Chose her”, – Trump said at a news conference.

“She (Harris) was very disrespectful to Joe Biden, worse than Pocahontas (Senator Elizabeth Warren – ed.). She said terrible things about Sleepy Joe, and it’s hard to imagine that he chose her,” the president added.

Speaking about Harris’s views, Trump began by saying “she often tells lies” and then said that she was in favor of raising taxes, social medicine, cutting the army, and ending fracking, a key technology in shale oil. At the same time, the head of state did not fail to remind that if implemented, this measure would hit such states as Texas, Oklahoma, as well as Ohio and Pennsylvania, which are of key importance in the upcoming presidential elections in November.

“She was my number one choice”, Trump said ironically, referring to the fact that Harris, in his opinion, is a weak candidate in the election.