Trump criticized Biden for the situation on the border

Former US President Donald Trump has sharply criticized his successor, Joe Biden, for the border situation.

“A huge number of people and children literally live on top of each other in the mud. It’s mud … No one has seen anything worse, nothing like this,” Trump said in an interview with Fox News, commenting on the situation with the massive detention of children at the border.

Trump said nearly 500 miles of the border wall had been built during his reign, and the US was “doing a great job” with Mexico to curb migration.

Trump also accused reporters that journalists “threw him only light balls during Biden’s first press conference,” and Biden’s employees seemed to be ready to snatch the microphone from anyone asking a difficult question.

Since the coming to power of the Joe Biden administration, the number of migrants trying to cross the US border illegally has increased significantly, with many media outlets talking about a border crisis. Biden said at a press conference that he was not to blame for this. It was about the seasonal increase in the number of migrants.

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Author: Sam Smith
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