Trump criticized Biden for the fuel crisis due to the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline

The former president believes that if such a thing had happened during his tenure as head of state, the media would have staged a “national massacre.”

Former US President Donald Trump has criticized the current head of the White House, Joe Biden, and his administration for poor work on resolving the fuel crisis due to the suspension of the work of the largest US pipeline company, the Colonial Pipeline, after a cyber-attack. This is stated in a statement issued on Wednesday by the press service of the former president.

“Joe Biden made [his son] Hunter responsible for our energy sector with all his experience at Burisma (Ukrainian energy company)? Even US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm was taken aback,” it says. Trump also noted that if such a thing had happened during his tenure as president of the United States, the media would have staged a “national massacre”.

Disruptions to the Colonial Pipeline have already caused half of the gas stations in Georgia, South and North Carolina, and Virginia to cease operations. The situation is aggravated by the fact that motorists, because of fears about a lack of fuel, stock up on fuel for the future, filling it not only in the tank of their cars but also in all sorts of containers. According to the statement of the Colonial Pipeline, which delivers a significant part of the fuel from Texas to the east coast of the United States, a cyber-attack on its systems was carried out last week with the use of a ransomware virus. We are talking about a malicious program that gets into a computer system temporarily blocks its operation and encrypts data until the victim pays the amount required by the extortionists. Because of this attack, the company was forced to temporarily suspend its operations. According to its management, the process of restoring normal activity has already been launched. It is expected to mostly end before the end of the week.

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