Trump: COVID-19 vaccine will be available in April

Donald Trump spoke about the success of operation Warp Speed.

US President Donald Trump spoke at a press conference in the Rose Garden of the White House, talking about creating a vaccine for COVID-19. Since Saturday, it was his first public appearance when Joe Biden was named the winner of the presidential election.

Trump informed about operation Warp Speed – a concerted effort by many Federal agencies and businesses to create a vaccine against the coronavirus that has killed more than 243,000 Americans.

Last Monday, Pfizer announced that it had created a vaccine with 90% effectiveness. Trump said that work is now underway to obtain permission to use the vaccine as quickly as possible, after which its distribution will begin. He expressed confidence that the vaccine will be available in April and indicated that three more vaccines are in the final testing stage. Trump assured that he would not close the country’s economy to fight the epidemic.

Trump stressed that operation Warp Speed has no analogs globally – never before have vaccines been developed so quickly and so successfully.

Donald Trump also commented on the presidential election results – he refuses to recognize Biden as the winner: “Who knows what the administration will be like. I suspect that time will tell. ”

He left the press conference without answering questions from journalists.

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