Trump considers members of the movement Antifa culprits of unrest in Congress

Earlier, the US president instructed his cabinet to consider including this movement in the list of terrorist organizations.

US President Donald Trump considers members of the American anti-fascist movement Antifa to be the culprits of the riots in Congress on January 6. This was reported by the portal Axios, citing its sources.

According to them, the head of the White House shared his position on Monday morning during a telephone conversation with the leader of the Republican minority of the House of Representatives of Congress, Kevin McCarthy (from California). At the same time, a member of the president’s party, who was in the Capitol building at the time, tried to prove that supporters of the head of state staged the riots; photos and videos indicate this. According to sources of the publication, the half-hour conversation between Trump and McCarthy was tense and even aggressive. So, the American leader once again claimed about fraud in the elections, to which the congressman replied: “Stop it! They came to an end. The election is over.”

The portal continues, McCarthy urged Trump to follow the tradition of transferring power-to call President-elect Joseph Biden and receive him at the White House on January 20. The Head of State said that he had not yet decided on this issue. After the conversation, the leader of Republicans in the lower house of Congress on Monday also called on party members not to come forward with allegations that Antifa were the culprits of the riots. Last week, Trump instructed his cabinet to consider including the movement in the list of terrorist organizations.

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