Trump congratulated the US Space Force on its first birthday

The President noted that thanks to creating a new type of armed forces, the security of the United States is now not limited to the planet.

President of the United States, Donald Trump, congratulated the US Space Forces on the first anniversary of creating this kind of troops. “More than 50 years ago, Americans made one of the most triumphant achievements, making “one small step for man” and “a huge leap for humanity,” the president said in his address. – When our beautiful American flag was placed on the surface of the moon, it became clear what brought humanity to this new and amazing frontier – the American spirit.”

“”A year ago, we opened a new chapter in the extraordinary history of American leadership in space and strengthened America’s legacy as the world’s largest arsenal of democracy,” Trump continued... for making another huge leap towards a brighter future for everyone.”

“”We are on the threshold of a new era,” the president said. As the exploration and commercialization of space continue to expand, our country’s limitless future will be based on the success of the space force… True to their motto, “Always on top,” the guardians of the United States Space Force will do everything to ensure that our country continues to maintain peace through force, ensuring the safety of the farthest corners of humanity.”

The President noted that the United States has the most combat-ready armed forces on Earth, and thanks to the Space Forces, the country’s security is now not limited to the planet alone.

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