Trump congratulated the Coast Guard on the 230th anniversary of its creation

The President noted the important role of the Coast Guard in ensuring the country’s security.

US President Donald Trump made a statement on the occasion of the 230th anniversary of the creation of the Coast Guard.

“On this day in 1790, Congress authorized Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton to assemble a group of vessels to protect the Commerce and revenue of our newly created state. What started out as just a few small boats has evolved into the world’s best Maritime administration, security and safety service, now known as the US Coast Guard,” the President said.

“In the 230 years since the creation of the Coast Guard, our country has become stronger thanks to the Coast Guard’s dedication to its motto, Semper Paratus, “always ready,” the President said. – These courageous people protect our borders, rescue sailors in distress, facilitate the safe passage of trillions of dollars ‘ worth of goods to and from our ports, fight drug smuggling and human trafficking, and perform many other tasks that are important to the safety of the American people.”

The President recalled that last month he visited the headquarters of the US southern command in Florida, where he was proud to hear a report on the Coast Guard’s efforts to combat the drug trade. More than 1,000 arrests have been made and more than 120 tons of drugs intercepted since the campaign began, he said. “These efforts ensure the safety of the American people and advance the interests of our country both at home and abroad,” Trump said, congratulating military personnel on their professional holiday and thanking them for their valiant service to the country.