Trump congratulated Kim Jong-Un on his birthday

The US President conveyed his congratulations to Pyongyang through South Korea’s national security adviser.

President Donald Trump sent North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN a message and wished him a happy birthday. Chung Eui-yong, national security adviser to the President of South Korea, announced this on Friday.

Chung, who met with Trump this week in Washington, told reporters that the American President had given him a message intended for Pyongyang and that the message was delivered to the addressee on Thursday.

“Our meeting took place on Kim Jong-un’s birthday, and President Trump remembered this and asked me to pass on a message,” Chong said on his arrival in South Korea.

According to one version, Kim was born on January 8, but the North Korean regime has never officially confirmed this information. According to US authorities, the North Korean leader was born in 1984. Thus, Kim was 36 years old-if the information about the day and year of his birth is reliable.

Chung did not specify whether the message was written, and did not say whether the US President gave Kim any gift other than birthday greetings.

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