Trump confirmed that he will take part in the debate

The President of the United States believes the new rules are unfair.

US President Donald Trump said that he would take part in a debate with the Democratic candidate for President Joseph Biden, although he considers the new rules of discussion unfair.

According to the innovation, one of the participants’ microphone will be turned off during the two minutes allotted to his opponent to answer the host. In total, the microphones of the current President and his rival will be turned off six times a night. After the politicians have finished presenting their positions on each of the six topics in the two minutes allotted, the moderator will allow them to start the discussion.

“I will participate. I think it’s very unfair,” Trump said to the White House press pool that accompanied him on the trip. “I will take part, but it is very unfair that they [the independent Commission on presidential debates] changed the topics [of the debate], and again we will have an absolutely biased host.”

The first round of debates in the current presidential election campaign took place on September 29 in Cleveland, Ohio. The second round was canceled due to Trump’s coronavirus infection.
The last televised debate before the presidential election is scheduled for October 22 in Nashville, Tennessee.

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