Trump complained about the slowness in approving a Supreme Court judge

President Donald Trump criticized Republicans for being slow in the hearings that began on Monday to consider the nomination of Amy Barrett to the Supreme Court.

“Republicans are giving Democrats too much time that the rules don’t require them to make their statements on our future great Supreme Court justice. Personally, I would step away (from the rules), approve, and start working on a package of anti-crisis measures for the people!!!” Trump tweeted an hour after the start of the Barrett nomination hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The meeting of the Committee is held in a mixed format. Some of the congressmen are in the hall; some of them participate remotely. While Barrett herself has not been given the floor, but members of the Committee take turns speaking – Republicans argue for the need to appoint a judge regardless of the upcoming election, Democrats attack Trump’s actions in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and especially fiercely criticize Barrett’s position on health insurance.

Almost every democratic Senator shows a photo of their voter, whose life depends on the state’s assistance in obtaining medical care. Barrett, Democrats say, in the interests of major donors, supports the idea promoted by Trump to cancel the health insurance system adopted by former President Barack Obama, which required mandatory health insurance, but provided subsidies for those who could not afford private insurance.

Barrett’s legal Committee hearing is scheduled for three days. Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham said at the opening of the hearing that he plans to refer the case to the full Senate on October 22.

In case of approval, the Barrett, which will take the place of the recently deceased liberal judge Ruth Ginsburg to become the third appointee of Trump. Barrett’s confirmation will secure a majority of Republican appointees on the court – six out of nine.