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Trump commented on the March in Washington in support of him

US President Donald Trump criticized participants of the ultra-left Antifa movement who took to the streets in Washington on Saturday, who clashed with his supporters and called on the police to “get down to business” and do their job more actively.

On Saturday, Trump’s supporters held a rally in the American capital in support of the country’s current leader. Throughout the route and in places of meetings, streets were blocked, and reinforced police squads were on duty.

“Antifa scoundrels took to their heels today when they tried to attack people at a Pro-Trump rally, as they were met with aggressive resistance. Antifa waited until tonight when 99% dispersed to attack innocent people from MAGA (Make America Great Again, trump’s slogan). DC Police, get down to business, do your job, and don’t hold back!”, – Trump wrote on Twitter.

According to trump, the crowd of his supporters rebuffed the participants of the Antifa movement. Still, they returned at night, “after 99% of the crowd left to attack the elderly and families.” “The police arrived, but it was too late. The mayor is not doing his job!” – Trump summed up.

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    Is it not time to declare Trump mentally deficient to run America. He is not doing anything now except causing unrest

    and deaths. ENOUGH