Trump commented on reports of his idleness at work

Axios posted the schedule of the President, from which it follows: 60% of the time Trump spends inefficiently — watching TV and reading in the residence. The head of state denied these data. Most of the day he works, assured the politician.

The US President Donald Trump said that the publication in the media of his work schedule should be perceived from a positive point of view, not from a negative one. Most of the time, he said, he “usually works rather than rests.” This view was expressed by the American leader on his Twitter page.

A week ago, the publication Axios, citing a source in the White House posted on its website the presidential daily routine. According to him, 60% of Trump’s work schedule for the last three months was devoted to the so-called executive time, which means working with documents or time spent inefficiently. Axios sources explain that the President did not spend these hours in the Oval office of the White House, as stated in the schedule. Instead, according to them, the American leader is in his residence watching TV, reading newspapers, calling assistants, members of Congress, officials from his administration and friends, reacting to what he had time to watch or read.

“The media were able to get my work schedule, which was very easy to do,” Trump responded. However, such a publication, in his opinion, had to be treated “positively, not negatively.”​ “When [the daily routine] uses the term executive time, I usually work rather than rest,” the politician assured, adding that “in fact, probably works more than any” of his predecessors.

“The fact is that when I took the presidency, our country was a mess. Exhausted military, endless wars, a potential war with North Korea, high taxes, border, immigration problems, health care and more,” Trump said, stressing that he “just had no choice but to work very hard.”
Trump became head of state in January 2017. About his work as President, he first spoke as a loss-making. During the presidency, Trump, he said, “lost huge sums of money.”

Author: Flyn Braun
Graduated from Cambridge University. Previously, he worked in various diferent news media. Currently, it is a columnist of the us news section in the Free News editors.
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