Trump commented on information about plans to steal Chinese data on COVID-19

The US is closely monitoring the situation with an alleged attempt by Chinese hackers to steal data on the development of a coronavirus vaccine; President Donald Trump told reporters on Monday.

“There is nothing new. You’re telling me now that they’re trying to hack us. I say nothing new. We are monitoring this very closely,” Trump said.

Earlier, the New York Times newspaper, citing sources, wrote that the Federal Bureau of investigation and the US Department of homeland security intend to issue a warning that Chinese hackers and spies are trying to steal research by American scientists aimed at developing vaccines against coronavirus.

According to the publication, the draft document states that China seeks “illegal means” to obtain” valuable intellectual property and health data related to vaccines, treatments, and testing.” It is noted that we are talking about the theft of information through cyber attacks, as well as the actions of “non – traditional actors” – a term that refers to researchers involved, according to the US administration, in the theft of data from American laboratories.

The US authorities, including the President, regularly accuse China of failing to contain the spread of the coronavirus, hiding the facts, and untimely reaction. The Chinese authorities have repeatedly stated that from the very beginning, they maintained an open and responsible position regarding the publication of data on the epidemic of coronavirus infection.

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